František Drtikol "Spiritual Journey, No. 1"

The book offers an authentic, both verbal and visual, testimony to Frantisek Drtikol's spiritual leadership and teachings. Mapping the crucial part of Drtikol's life as a thinker, it is compiled from various manuscript pieces, thoughts, most of them with exact dating, letters, written records and testimonies of Drtikol's friends and pupils. It also provides a significant insight into Drtikol's spiritual photograhy from the time period of 1930–1935 and is followed by images covering Drtikol's mystic painting dating from 1931 to 1948, capturing its onset and peak after 1935, when the artist gave up photographic work as the main means of his artistic expression. Scattered documents containing Drtikol's thoughts, most of them written down by the artists himself in 1928–1945, represent a kind of backbone of the book. The chapter also includes copies of these hand-written, originally preserved, records.
The book is printed in full colour on coated paper. 400 pages, V4 binding, print run of 1,200 copies.

First 100 copies are numbered, in V8 hardback embossed binding with a hand-made slip case.
ISBN 80-902986-6-4 Czech edition

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